Cotton, McInturff & Associates P.C.

Life can be challenging.  At one time or another, we all confront a problem we don't want to face alone.  Often, it's a dilemma in which our usual solutions don't work, and we can't seem to come up with new strategies that do.  It may be a problem in our marriages, our families, or other relationships, a problem on the job or in school, or it may be that we want to find more meaning and greater fulfillment in life.  But meeting life's challenges has its rewards.  Out of our effort to solve our current problems comes the personal growth we need not only to meet the challenges now and in the future, but also to enjoy life more fully.

Cotton, McInturff & Associates, P.C. and a consortium of mental health providers  together provide a wide range of services to help you attain the insight and skills to meet life's challenges successfully.  As licensed professionals (licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers), we are able to bring a variety of innovative approaches to helping individuals, couples, and families to find personal solutions to the problems of today's often stressful, complicated way of life.  While helping you work for change and effective solutions, we maintain respect for the values and beliefs that are part of your life.

We approach problem solving and personal growth in a comprehensive way.  We recognize that even those of us who feel most alone live and work in family, job, and school systems, and these systems greatly influence us and our ability to face life's challenges successfully.  Facing these challenges alone can be painful.  The first step in taking care of yourself and the people you love is getting the information and help you need.