Tom McLure, M.A.Ed., M.A, LPC

Something not right? Perhaps I can help. I work with anxiety, depression, immobilization, relationship issues, anger, trauma, shame, addictions. Regarding ADDICTION, good people may develop physical & psychological dependence upon substances (alcohol, drugs, food), or behaviors (sex, gaming, spending, eating). An "addiction cycle" forms, affecting the brain's reward, motivation, cognitive systems. "Recovery" means a changed life. People commonly find recovery in one or more ways: detox & treatment, 12 Steps, Refuge, SMART, sober living, medication assisted treatment. Along with each approach, informed counseling helps.

OPIOIDS/HEROIN I recommend Drew Callner's documentary, "Recovering Hope." (Amazon; iTunes). RELATIONSHIPS People ask, "What is love?" "Am I loveable?" "Who will love me?" "Does love last?" COUPLES disagree over money, sex, parenting, inlaws, life agendas, "technoference" & secrets (addictions/ affairs). Criticism, contempt, defensiveness don't help.

Professional history: ministry, higher education. 30 years work with hundreds of individuals, couples, family systems. 20 years as University Instructor in Counseling, Marriage & Family, Addiction, Philosophy, Religion; 3+ years UAB Hospital's Addiction Recovery Program; ongoing work in Sober Living Communities. MAEd Marriage & Family; MA. Happily married.